Meet Dr. Lauren Andrew – Recipient of the 2021 FWGBD Research Fellowship Award

December 9, 2021

Lauren Andrew, MDLauren Andrew, MD is currently an obstetrics and gynecology resident with the University of Calgary in Canada, researching clinical trial design for postpartum women with risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). She is also on target to begin a master’s degree program on women’s health and VTE prevention. In 2021, she received our Research Fellowship Award for Promoting XXcellence in Women’s Health: Optimal Management of Women and Girls with Blood Disorders and Bleeding Disorders.

“There has been a call from the research community to include and encourage participation of pregnant and postpartum women in well-designed clinical trials to provide high-quality data,” explains Dr. Andrew, adding that this participation can result in critical learnings around childbirth.

However, it’s not always easy to enroll pregnant women in clinical studies that evaluate health in the period immediately following labor and delivery. The postpartum period can be a stressful time with unique challenges for women, particularly those with blood and bleeding disorders. “We must better understand patient factors that contribute to or hinder research participation during the postpartum period to guide clinical practice and improve women’s lives,” she says.

Dr. Andrew’s FWGBD funding will support her qualitative interview study, offering a unique opportunity to explore:

This study will enhance another pilot trial by a broader team of researchers: Postpartum Aspirin to Reduce Thromboembolism Undue Morbidity (PARTUM), which weighs the feasibility of a larger international randomized trial evaluating aspirin versus placebo in postpartum women at risk of developing venous thromboembolism.

“By understanding patient and physician perspectives on postpartum trial participation, we can better identify barriers and improve access to trial participation in this important and underrepresented group,” she says.

Dr. Andrew and her team are working to make a positive impact on future research. They look forward to a time when postpartum clinical trials are designed for the unique needs of their participants. ”We will apply what we learn to improve the design of the larger PARTUM trial around the world,” she says.

FWGBD congratulates Dr. Andrew on this award. We look forward to learning more about this research in the future.