Period Talk Toolkit

In partnership with the Hemophilia of Georgia, FWGBD worked with members of its WGBD LAN to develop the Period Talk Toolkit. The purpose of this toolkit is to assist providers in proactively engaging in discussions with patients about menstruation, as well as the signs and symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding.

Specifically, this toolkit is designed to support providers, patients, and caregivers in their discussions about menstruation as well as patients’ experiences, especially when their menstruation experiences are not within the “normal” ranges.

By helping providers and patients “speak the same language” when it comes to menstruation, this first-of-its-kind toolkit will facilitate earlier diagnoses and optimal treatment for those with blood disorders.

The free, “Period Talk Toolkit” contains three parts, 1) an animation that may be shown to help describe the process of menstruation, including what to expect and what should be discussed with your provider, 2) an illustrated office poster for clinical teams to utilize when discussing menstruation with a patient and/or caregiver, and 3) an updated “About Your Period” menstruation handout that may be shared with patients and caregivers to download and/or take home.

Video: Your Period

This animation was developed to assist providers, patients, and caregivers discuss the menstrual cycle and menstruation. It is written at a 6th grade reading level and can be used with anyone who has the ability to menstruate, or cares for someone who may menstruate.

To download the handout and poster, please share your information below. An email will be sent to you with the files to download, as well as on this screen. Your information will be kept private, and will only be used for evaluation purposes and to inform you of updated resources within this toolkit.

Period Talk Toolkit
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