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Undiagnosed, untreated blood disorders in women and girls+ have medical consequences and unique issues at every life stage, creating the need for a foundation dedicated to education and awareness.

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Providing Education of Excellence & Fostering Collaboration

In 2010, the Foundation for Women & Girls+ with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) was formed to fill a gap in addressing the needs of women and girls with blood disorders. Provider education, across disciplines, was and always has been our focus. By providing education of excellence and fostering collaboration between disciplines, we benefit women and girls in their need for earlier and accurate diagnoses and management of their blood disorders and accompanying reproductive challenges.
+This includes people who have or had the ability to menstruate.

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FWGBD takes a multidisciplinary approach through four interconnected pillars


We deliver education of excellence to healthcare professionals to meet their comprehensive educational needs.


We raise awareness of the state of the science to build an informed community.


We inspire action to create access to appropriate care.


We invest in workforce development to build the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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Directory of Services for Women and Girls+

This Directory shares information about the availability and range of services specifically devoted to the care of women and girls+ with bleeding and/or other blood disorders, including sickle cell disease, at federally funded hemophilia/thrombosis treatment centers (HTCs) and nationally recognized sickle cell disease centers across the country.

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