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Recombinant von Willebrand factor and tranexamic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding in patients with mild and moderate von Willebrand disease in the USA (VWDMin): a phase 3, open-label, randomised, crossover trial

Ragni MV, Rothenberger SD, Feldman R, Nance D, Leavitt AD, Malec L, Kulkarni R, Sidonio R Jr, Kraut E, Lasky J, Pruthi R, Angelini D, Philipp C, Hwang N, Wheeler AP, Seaman C, Machin N, Xavier F, Meyer M, Bellissimo D, Humphreys G, Smith KJ, Merricks EP, Nichols TC, Ivanco D, Vehec D, Koerbel G, Althouse AD.

Menstrual Technology Innovations and the Implications for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Liberty, A., Samuelson Bannow, B., Matteson, K., Edelman, A., & Colwill, A.

Severe Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Sickle Cell Disease in the National Inpatient Sample, 2012-2018

Early, M. L., Eke, A. C., Gemmill, A., Lanzkron, S., & Pecker, L. H.