Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is a Special Committee of the Board. The purpose of the RAC is to assist the Board of Directors of FWGBD to fulfill its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to research. The RAC is comprised of experts who cover the core areas of bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, platelet disorders, sickle cell disease, anemias, and nonmalignant bone marrow diseases. Their focus is on blood disorders in women and girls+, and specialties include obstetrics, gynecology, and hematology. These experts include:

Donna DiMichele, MD – Chair
Biree Andemariam, MD
Joan Beckman, MD, PhD
David Ware Branch, MD
Jean Connors, MD
Keith Hoots, MD
Jill Johnsen, MD
Jacquelyn Powers, MD, MS
Robert Sidonio, Jr., MD, MSc
Ayesha Zia, MD