New Provider Resource: Hematology in the Adolescent Female

October 12, 2020

Our congratulations go to Dr. Lakshmi Srivaths, who has compiled one of the first dedicated resources on blood disorders unique to the adolescent female. Written by experts in the field, Hematology in the Adolescent Female is a valuable resource for clinicians and practitioners who treat and manage female adolescents with blood disorders. To purchase the book, please visit here.

Dr. Lakshmi Srivaths is a Professor of Pediatrics in the section of Hematology at Baylor College of Medicine. She is the Director of the Young Women’s Hemostasis and Thrombosis Program at Texas Children’s Hospital. She is a member of the Medical Advisory Council for FWGBD, and Chair of the Education/Advocacy Subcommittee for the WGBD LAN. Additionally, the resource features the work of several members of FWGBD’s MAC and WGBD LAN.


Suchitra S. Archarya, MD
Enitan Adegite, MD, MPH
Sanjay P. Ahuja, MD
Lauren E. Amos, MD
Irmel A. Ayala, MD
Maureen K. Baldwin, MD, MPH
Shannon Bates, MDCM, MSc, FRCPC
Jennifer L. Bercaw-Pratt, MD
Neha Bhasin, MD
Brian Branchford, MS
Vicky R. Breakey, MD, MEd, FRCPC
James B. Bussel, MD
Shannon L. Carpenter, MD, MSCI, FAAP
Meera Chitlur, MD
Clay T. Cohen, MD
Jennifer Davila, MD
Candice M. Dersch, MD
Tazim Dowlut-McElory, MD, MS
Stephanie A. Fritch Lilla, MD
Anna Griffith, MD
Amanda B. Grimes, MD
Shveta Gupta, MD
Sweta Gupta, MD
Patricia Huguelet, MD
Nelda Itzep, MD
Amanda E. Jacobson-Kelly, MD
Julie Jaffray, MD
Shilpa Jain, MD, MPH
Maissa Janbain, MD,MSCR
Sue Kearney, MD
Taylor Olmsted Kim, MD
Christine Knoll, MS
Barbara A. Konkle, MD
Peter A. Kouides, MD
Roshni Kulkarni, MD
May Lau, MD, MPH
Alice D. MA, MD, FACP
Arash Mahjerin, MD
Kelley McLean, MD
Genevieve Moyer, MD,MSc
Trinh Nguyen, DO
Anjali Pawar, MD
Claire Philipp, MD
Jacquelyn M. Powers, MD, MS
Michael Recht, MD, PhD
Sarah E. Sartain, MD
Ghadir S. Sasa, MD
Mukta Sharma, MD, MPH, FAAP
Ruchika Sharma, MD
Vivien Sheehan, MD, PhD
Robert F. Sidonio, MD, MSCI
Sylvia T. Singer, MD
Tammuella Chrisntery Singleton, MD
Lelie M. Skeith, MD
Lakshmi V. Srivaths, MD
Janice M. Staber, MD
Pamela Trapane, MD
Maria C. Velez-Yanguas, MD
Elliot P. Vichinsky, MD
Adrianna Vlachos, MD
Deepti Warad, MD
Angela C. Weyand, MD
Allison P. Wheeler, MD, MSCI
Kalinda Woods, MD, FACOG
Ayesha Zia, MD