New Manga Book Helps Kids Understand Hemophilia

November 16, 2019

A Japanese hematologist and his colleagues have developed a new manga book for kids, designed to help both carriers and those with hemophilia understand and adapt to living with hemophilia. Manga, a form of Japanese cartoon or graphic novel, is popular with all ages; though this specific text – Hitorijanaiyo (You Are Not Alone) – has been crafted with elementary grade children in mind.

Manga Hemophilia

Through the lens of a young girl who is a carrier of haemophilia, this Manga explains the basics of haemophilia, that are not always easy to understand for younger kids. Starting from the components of our blood and their functions, to the clotting cascade, haemophilia A and B and the severity of the condition. A section of the Manga is dedicated to how one inherits haemophilia or becomes a carrier, and how the clotting factor activity in the blood can be tested.

However, the main focus of the material is on what it means to be a young girl and a carrier of haemophilia from a physiological, emotional and psychological perspective, especially when it comes to dealing with your own newly-discovered diagnosis and your identity in a family where the main focus is on a boy who has haemophilia.

We’re excited about what this approach can do to help children cope with a potentially overwhelming diagnosis. Learn more about this innovative book: