DDAVP Nasal Spray Shortage – Meeting Patients’ Needs

July 21, 2023

With the prospect of a product shortage for Desmopressin Acetate Nasal Spray extending well into 2023, The Hemophilia Alliance began searching for another source of a Desmopressin nasal spray that could meet patients’ needs. They encouraged STAQ Pharma, Inc., an FDA-registered and FDA- inspected 503B outsourcing facility located in Denver, CO, to produce the appropriate concentration of desmopressin for patient use via nasal spray route of administration. They have produced a product that has successfully passed the 75-day stability mark. They plan to start shipping on August 1st. STAQ will continue to test the product at 30-day intervals with the goal of reaching 12-month dating. 

DDAVP NS can be purchased directly from STAQ Pharma at the price of $300 per vial. For questions related to this option or reimbursement from payers, please reach out to Joe Puglilese with The Hemophilia Alliance at, or contact STAQ Customer Service Representative, Martin Ramirez, at