Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) Joins the Blood Health Network

January 13, 2023

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Blood Diseases & Disorders Education Program is a national health education program designed to bring greater visibility to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of blood diseases and disorders, as well as blood donation and safety. As part of the Blood Health Network, a robust national partnership of private and public organizations, FWGBD is helping NHLBI and others bring important blood health information and science to patient communities around the country.

“Millions of people are affected by blood diseases and disorders. Through efforts such as the Blood Diseases & Disorders Education Program, we can help increase awareness of these disorders and the blood science research NHLBI supports that continues to improve health outcomes,” says Dr. Gary Gibbons, NHLBI Director.

The Blood Health Network plays a major role in the reach of the program and in the development and dissemination of educational and social media resources on a range of topics such as anemia, clotting and bleeding disorders, sickle cell disease, and blood donation, among others.

Visit the Blood Health Education Resources page for the latest educational resources and follow the Blood Diseases & Disorders Education Program on Twitter at @BloodHealthEd to find out when new resources go live.