WGSCD LAN Education In-Person Workshop and Meeting VI

This is an archive of the
WGSCD LAN Education In-Person Workshop and Meeting VI
held on October 1, 2023, in Detroit, MI

Co-hosted by Children’s Hospital of Michigan and
the Jeanne M. Lusher Center for Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Presented by the Foundation for Women & Girls+ with Blood Disorders


  1. Increase knowledge among participants regarding the medical complications and pregnancy-related complications for WG+ with sickle cell disease.
  2. Increase knowledge and application of best practices for the optimal management and treatment of the clinical complications that affect WG+ with sickle cell disease, including care related to pregnancy.
  3. Develop strategies to improve clinical care that is the result of sharing clinical expertise and ideas, participation in collaborative research, and overall participation in this cross-disciplinary network.
  4. Identify and define key elements of a successful Young Women’s/Women’s+ Sickle Cell Disease Program.
  5. Develop and support the collaborative research agenda among WG+SCD members.
  6. Develop and enhance the collaborative network of professionals with a common interest regarding the care of WG+ with sickle cell disease.
  7. Continue to refine/develop the organizational structure for the WG+SCD LAN that will address future growth.
    + includes persons with, or have had, the ability to menstruate

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Recorded Presentations

Keynote #1: Hydroxyurea Exposure in Women with Sickle Cell Disease During Pregnancy and Lactation

Presentation by
Russell E. Ware, MD, PhD
Director, Division of Hematology
Institute Co-Executive Director, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute
Director, Global Health Center 
Marjory J. Johnson Chair of Hematology
Translational Research
Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children’s
Cincinnati, OH

Keynote #2: Transfusion of the Sickle Cell Disease Patient

Presentation by
Ravindra Sarode, MD
Professor of Pathology
Director, Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis
Chief of Pathology and Medical Director,
Clinical Laboratory Services
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas, TX

Keynote #3: Curative Therapies

Presentation by
Courtney Fitzhugh, MD
Lasker Clinical Research Scholar
National Heart Lung Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Bethesda, MD

WG+SCD LAN Subcommittee Reports

Research/Publication and Clinical Care Subcommittee by co-chair, Gayle Smink, MD, MPH Education/Advocacy Subcommittee by Alecia Nero, MD

Handouts and Resources

LAN Developed Publications
Period Pocket Guide
Menstruation Tear-Off Sheets
7-2-1 Podcast
Iron Supplementation Tables – Oral and Intravenous
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Reading Curriculum: HMB and IBD
Gender Inclusive Toolkit

Sickle Cell and Pregnancy Fact Sheets
Women with Sickle Cell Disease and Preconception Care[Fact Sheet Download]
Women with Sickle Cell Disease and Prenatal Care [Fact Sheet Download]
Women with Sickle Cell Disease and Postpartum Care[Fact Sheet Download]