The Women/Girls Learning Action Networks (LANs) are the home for collaboration, education, and resources for clinics specifically devoted to the care of women and girls with bleeding and other blood disorders. In collaboration with Hemophilia of Georgia, FWGBD worked with members from the Jeanne M. Lusher Center for Hemostasis and Thrombosis, the WGBD LAN Nursing Subcommittee, and members of the FWGBD Medical Advisory Committee, to develop the following resources for providers to share with their patients to address heavy menstrual bleeding. These pages are offered in both Spanish and English to provide expanded reach to both your patients and their families. All documents have been extensively reviewed to provide the most up-to-date information in an easy to absorb format. 

About Your Period

This resource serves as a primer to the menstrual cycle. It provides an overview of what to expect, some common questions, and a description of heavy menstrual bleeding.
About Your Period - English 
About Your Period - Spanish

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

A further description about heavy menstrual bleeding. This reiterates the signs and symptoms, shares treatment options, and advice to navigating school.
What is Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? - English 
What is Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? - Spanish

Iron Deficiency Anemia

This common condition, especially among those who menstruate - and even more for those who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, introduces the condition, symptoms, diagnosis process, and treatment options. 
Iron Deficiency - English
Iron Deficiency - Spanish

Menstrual Product Options

There is a great variety of options to absorb menstrual bleeding. This resource provides an overview of these options, what to expect when using the items, and how to maintain personal hygiene when using each option.
Menstrual Product Options - English
Menstrual Product Options - Spanish

Thank you to the Hemophila of Georgia for providing funding support of this project. 


Thank you to the team at the Jeanne M. Lusher Center for Hemostasis and Thrombosis for their assistance in the development of content.