Ask-the-Experts Video Archive

Ask-the-Experts is a resource for healthcare professionals that enables a user to submit a question to the Foundation’s Board, Medical Advisory Committee, and network of experts.
The questions are answered by researchers and educators at the top of their respective fields, including specialists in hemostasis, thrombosis, sickle cell disease, obstetrics/gynecology, and genetic counseling.

Our Ask-the-Experts video archive is available below and on the FWGBD YouTube Channel. 

Dr. Jacquleyn Powers discusses iron therapy.

Dr. Ravi Sarode discusses the difficulties in diagnosing von Willibrand Disease.

Dr. Robert Sidonio discusses the recommended first-line approach for acute heavymenstrual bleeding in adolescent girls and young women.

Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley discusses the safest contraceptive for young women with SCD.

Dr. Janice Bacon discusses how acute uterine bleeding should be managed.

Dr. Andra James discusses contraceptive options for high risk thrombosis.

Dr. Barbara Konkle discusses approriate diagnosis and management of acquired hemophilia.

Dr. Andra James considers the use of tranxemic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Dr. Barbara Konkle discusses older women and the risk of blood clots.

Hear Dr. Barbara Konkle discuss use of postmenopausal hormone replacement.