Episode 5: Safe Hormonal Therapy in Thrombosis

As physicians taking care of young girls and women with HMB, we are often faced with a challenging patient who is at a high risk for developing thrombosis due to a family history, a past personal history of thrombosis or medical conditions that could be a trigger for developing blood clots. In this podcast, we will be speaking with our experts on thrombosis and HMB to help us navigate through these difficult decision-making scenarios.

Joining our host for this episode is guest co-host, Dr. Tricia Huguelet. Dr. Huguelet is a pediatric gynecologist, who serves alongside Dr. Gupta as Co-Chair for the Education and Advocacy Subcommittee for the WGBD LAN. Thrombosis experts, Dr. Nancy Sokkary and Dr. Rachel Bercovitz, both members of the Thrombosis Subcommittee of the WGBD LAN.

We will be referring to certain brand names of hormonal therapies as our listeners are familiar with those rather than the complicated generic nomenclature. We will use gender-neutral language whenever possible, but when discussing the results of clinical studies, we may refer to women or girls because that is the language specifically used by the authors. Hosted on Buzzsprout.