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Postpartum von Willebrand factor levels in women with and without von Willebrand disease and implications for prophylaxis

| A. H. James, B. A. Konkle, P. Kouides, M. V. Ragni, B. Thames, S. Gupta, S. Sood, S. K. Fletcher, C. S. Philipp

Depression and Anxiety in Persons with von Willebrand Disease

| Roberts JC, Kulkarni R, Kouides PA, Sidonio RF Jr, Carpenter SL, Konkle BA, Wu J, Ullman MM, Curtis R, Baker JR, Crook N, Nichol MB

Management of VWD

| Neff AT, Sidonio RF Jr.

Whole-exome analysis of adolescents with low VWF and heavy menstrual bleeding identifies novel genetic associations

| Sadler B, Minard C, Haller G, Gurnett CA, O'Brien SH, Wheeler AP, Jain S, Sharma M, Zia A, Kulkarni R, Mullins ES, Ragni MV, Sidonio RF, Dietrich JE, Kouides P, Di Paola J, Srivaths LV.

The spectrum and severity of bleeding in adolescents with low von Willebrand factor–associated heavy menstrual bleeding

| Srivaths L, Minard CG, O'Brien SH, Wheeler AP, Mullins E, Sharma M, Sidonio R, Jain S, Zia A, Ragni MV, Kulkarni R, Dietrich JE, Kouides PA.

von Willebrand Disease: Proposing definitions for future research

| Connell NT, James PD, Brignardello-Petersen R, Abdul-Kadir R, Ameer B, Arapshian A, Couper S, Di Paola J, Eikenboom J, Giraud N, Grow JM, Haberichter S, Jacobs-Pratt V, Konkle BA, Kouides P, Laffan M, Lavin M, Leebeek FWG, McLintock C, McRae S, Montgomery R, O'Brien SH, O'Donnell JS, Ozelo MC, Scappe N, Sidonio R, Tosetto A, Weyand AC, Kalot MA, Husainat N, Mustafa RA, Flood VH.

Updated Guidelines for Treatment of von Willebrand Disease

| James, P.D., Connell, N.T., Ameer, B., Di Paola, J., Eikenbook, J., Giraud, N., et al.

Laboratory misdiagnosis of von Willebrand disease in post-menarchal females: A multi-center study

| Jaffray J, Staber JM, Malvar J, Sidonio R, Haley KM, Stillings A, Weyand A, Hege K, Jain S, Gupta S, Agnew C, Wheeler A, Pawar A, Sharma M, Chitlur M, OʼBrien SH, Kouides P.