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Platelet Disorders

| Haley, KM.

ASH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Immune Thrombocytopenia (updated 2019)

| Neunert,C., Terrell, D.R., Arnold, D.M., Buchanan, G., Cines, D.B., Cooper, N., Cuker, A., Despotovic, J.M., George, J.N., Grace, R.F., K├╝hne, T., Kuter, D.J., Lim, W., McCrae, K.R., Pruitt, B., Shimanek, H., Vesely, S.K.

Differences in bleeding phenotype and provider interventions in postmenarchal adolescents when compared to adult women with bleeding disorders and heavy menstrual bleeding

| Srivaths LV, Zhang QC, Byams VR, Dietrich JE, James AH, Kouides PA, Kulkarni R, the Hemophilia Treatment Centers Network Investigators