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Menstrual Technology Innovations and the Implications for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

| Liberty, A., Samuelson Bannow, B., Matteson, K., Edelman, A., & Colwill, A.

The spectrum and severity of bleeding in adolescents with low von Willebrand factor–associated heavy menstrual bleeding

| Srivaths L, Minard CG, O'Brien SH, Wheeler AP, Mullins E, Sharma M, Sidonio R, Jain S, Zia A, Ragni MV, Kulkarni R, Dietrich JE, Kouides PA.

Assessment of an Electronic Intervention in Young Women with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

| 3. Dietrich JE, Yee D, Santos XM, Bercaw-Pratt JL, Kurkowski J, Soni H, Lee-Kim YJ, Shah MD, Mahoney D, Srivaths LV

Treatment for Iron Deficiency Anemia Associated With Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

| Boccia, R., Friedman, A.J., Goodnough, L.T., James, A.H., Nelson, A.L., Ocean, A.M.

Differences in bleeding phenotype and provider interventions in postmenarchal adolescents when compared to adult women with bleeding disorders and heavy menstrual bleeding

| Srivaths LV, Zhang QC, Byams VR, Dietrich JE, James AH, Kouides PA, Kulkarni R, the Hemophilia Treatment Centers Network Investigators