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Coagulation factor activity and clinical bleeding severity in rare bleeding disorders: results from the European Network of Rare Bleeding Disorders

| Peyvandi, F., Palla, R., Menegatti, M., Siboni, S.M., Halimeh, S., Faeser, B., Pergantou, H., Platokouki, H., Giangrande, P., Peerlinck, K., Celkan, T., Ozdemir, N., Bidlingmaier, C., Ingerslev, J., Giansily-Blaizot, M., Schved, J.F., Gilmore, R., Gadisseur, A., Benedik-Dolničar, M., Kitanovski, L., Mikovic, D., Musallam, K.M., Rosendaal, F.R.

Whole-exome analysis of adolescents with low VWF and heavy menstrual bleeding identifies novel genetic associations

| Sadler B, Minard C, Haller G, Gurnett CA, O'Brien SH, Wheeler AP, Jain S, Sharma M, Zia A, Kulkarni R, Mullins ES, Ragni MV, Sidonio RF, Dietrich JE, Kouides P, Di Paola J, Srivaths LV.

ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 192: Management of Alloimmunization During Pregnancy

| American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' Committee on Practice Bulletins—Obstetrics

Assessment of an Electronic Intervention in Young Women with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

| 3. Dietrich JE, Yee D, Santos XM, Bercaw-Pratt JL, Kurkowski J, Soni H, Lee-Kim YJ, Shah MD, Mahoney D, Srivaths LV

Women with Bleeding Disorders

| C Hermans and R Kulkarni

The Spectrum of Bleeding in Women and Girls with Haemophilia B

| Staber J, Croteau SE, Davis J, Grabowski EF, Kouides P, Sidonio Jr. RF

Management of inherited bleeding disorders pregnancy (Guidelines)

| Pavord S, Rayment R, Madan B, Cumming T, Lester W, Chalmers E, Myers B, Maybury H, Tower C, Kadir R, on behalf of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Complications of hemophilia in babies (first two years of life): a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Universal Data Collection System

| Kulkarni R, Presley RJ, Lusher JM, Shapiro AD, Gill JC, Manco-Johnson M, Koerper MA, Abshire TC, DiMichele D, Hoots WK, Mathew P, Nugent DJ, Geraghty S, Evat BL, Soucie JM

Differences in bleeding phenotype and provider interventions in postmenarchal adolescents when compared to adult women with bleeding disorders and heavy menstrual bleeding

| Srivaths LV, Zhang QC, Byams VR, Dietrich JE, James AH, Kouides PA, Kulkarni R, the Hemophilia Treatment Centers Network Investigators

Neonatal Hemostatic Disorders: Issues and Challenges

| Hanmod S, Jesudas R, Kulkarni R, and Chitlur M