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Global assays in hemophilia

| Chitlur M, Young G.

Discussing investigational AAV gene therapy with hemophilia patients: A guide

| Sidonio RF Jr, Pipe SW, Callaghan MU, Valentino LA, Monahan PE, Croteau SE.

Women and girls with haemophilia receiving care at specialized haemophilia treatment centres in the United States

| Miller CH, Soucie JM, Byams VR, Payne AB, Sidonio RF Jr, Buckner TW, Bean CJ.

A new hemophilia carrier nomenclature to define hemophilia in women and girls: Communication from the SSC of the ISTH

| van Galen KPM, d'Oiron R, James P, Abdul-Kadir R, Kouides PA, Kulkarni R, Mahlangu JN, Othman M, Peyvandi F, Rotellini D, Winikoff R, Sidonio RF.

Enhancing therapeutic efficacy of in vivo platelet-targeted gene therapy in hemophilia A mice

| Wang X, Fu RY, Li C, Chen CY, Firrman J, Konkle BA, Zhang J, Li L, Xiao W, Poncz M, Miao CH

Core data set on safety, efficacy, and durability of hemophilia gene therapy for a global registry: Communication from the SSC of the ISTH

| Konkle B, Pierce G, Coffin D, Naccache M, Clark RC, George L, Iorio A, O'Mahony B, Pipe S, Skinner M, Watson C, Peyvandi F, Mahlangu J

Patient-relevant health outcomes for hemophilia care: Development of an international standard outcomes set

| van Balen EC, O'Mahony B, Cnossen MH, Dolan G, Blanchette VS, Fischer K, Gue D, O'Hara J, Iorio A, Jackson S, Konkle BA, Nugent DJ, Coffin D, Skinner MW, Smit C, Srivastava A, van Eenennaam F, van der Bom JG, Gouw SC.

Plasma factor IX: The tip of the iceberg?

| Sidonio RF Jr, Batsuli G.

Characterizing Female Patients with Haemophilia A: Administrative Claims Analysis and Medical Chart Review.

| Farej R, Batt K, Afonja O, Martin C, Aubert R, Carlyle M, White J, Sidonio RF, Jr.

The Impact of Extended Half-Life Factor Concentrates on Prophylaxis for Severe Hemophilia in The United States

| Malec LM, Cheng D, Witmer CM, Jaffray J, Kouides PA, Haley KM, Sidonio RF. Jr, Johnson K, Recht M, White G, Croteau SE, Ragni MV.

The Spectrum of Bleeding in Women and Girls with Haemophilia B

| Staber J, Croteau SE, Davis J, Grabowski EF, Kouides P, Sidonio Jr. RF

Management of inherited bleeding disorders pregnancy (Guidelines)

| Pavord S, Rayment R, Madan B, Cumming T, Lester W, Chalmers E, Myers B, Maybury H, Tower C, Kadir R, on behalf of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Complications of hemophilia in babies (first two years of life): a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Universal Data Collection System

| Kulkarni R, Presley RJ, Lusher JM, Shapiro AD, Gill JC, Manco-Johnson M, Koerper MA, Abshire TC, DiMichele D, Hoots WK, Mathew P, Nugent DJ, Geraghty S, Evat BL, Soucie JM