Haddad LB, Curtis KM, Legardy-Williams JK, Cwiak C, Jamieson DJ.  Contraception for individuals with sickle cell disease: a systematic review of the literature. Contraception 2012 Jun;85(6):527-37


Women with sickle cell disease have an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications and need safe, effective contraceptive methods to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Study Design
We conducted a systematic review to examine the safety of hormonal and intrauterine contraceptive use among women with sickle cell disease.

Eight articles met the inclusion criteria. The evidence was of fair to poor quality and suggested that progestin-only and combined hormonal contraception had no effect on frequency of sickle crises or other adverse events and no effect on hematologic parameters associated with sickle crises. No studies examined the risk of thromboembolism in combined hormonal contraceptive users with sickle cell disease. There was insufficient evidence to comment on the safety of intrauterine contraception.

While data are limited, there is no evidence to suggest that hormonal contraceptive use among women with sickle cell disease is associated with an increased risk of clinical complications.

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