Thank you for supporting our work to ensure all women and adolescent girls with blood disorders are correctly diagnosed and optimally treated and managed at every life stage. You can expect FWGBD Board Members, staff and volunteers to treat you and your gift with respect, professionalism, and privacy. FWGBD pledges to:

Honor your trust in FWGBD

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information about FWGBD programs, organizational administrative structure, and the types of programming your gift will support.
  • Use accurate and consistent accounting standards that conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Report on the use and management of funds through audited financial statements.
  • Disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest.
  • Confirm the identity of anyone making a solicitation on behalf of FWGBD.
  • Adhere to the spirit and the letter of all local, state, and federal laws governing nonprofit fundraising activities.

Honor the intent of your gift

  • Ensure your contributions are used in a manner that reflects your stated intent; if you wish to support a specific area of our work, funds will be placed in restricted status.
  • Have a conversation with you if we have any questions as to your intent.

Value your interest in our work

  • Provide timely and appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation of your gift in the form of a thank you note and gift receipt.
  • Publically share programmatic achievements by posting on our website, social media properties, and other communications channels.
  • Inform you of other ways to be involved in our organization and support our work.

Respect your privacy and rights as an individual

  • Respect your right to anonymity, if requested. FWGBD donors may opt-out of public recognition by contacting the FWGBD Executive Director.
  • Maintain your personal information securely. FWGBD does not sell its donor list.
  • Provide a privacy policy that explains how FWGBD will gather, use, disclose, and manage your data.
  • Share with you any demographic information we have about you upon your request, and correct inaccurate information at your request.
  • Respect your desired level of engagement by providing you options to:
    • Sign up for communications. o Limit the type and frequency of communications you receive from FWGBD.
    • Indicate the methods of solicitation you would prefer to receive from FWGBD (telephone, direct mail, e-mail, etc.).
    • Be removed from our outreach lists. Changes to this policy require approval of the FWGBD Board of Directors.

Changes to this policy require approval of the FWGBD Board of Directors.