Welcome to the Women and Girls Bleeding Disorder Learning Action Network (LAN)!

The Women and Girls Bleeding Disorder (WGBD) Learning Action Network (LAN) is the home for collaboration, education, and resources for clinics specifically devoted to the care of women and girls with bleeding and other blood disorders. 

What is the WGBD LAN? 

Convened predominantly on a cost-effective Web platform, the Women and Girls Bleeding Disorder Learning Action Network (LAN) is an exchange of key information and best practices in the care of women and girls with bleeding and other blood disorders. WGBD LAN participants are representatives of Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) as well as other healthcare institutions wishing to improve their care for women and girls with bleeding disorders and wish to start a designated women or girls clinic, or who already have an established, designated clinic for females. All of the WGBD LAN participants further benefit from input and guidance by our FWGBD cadre of experts—our Board, Medical Advisors, and the emerging experts on our Education Council, who are newer-generation hematologists and Ob/Gyns who will be leading the care, practice improvement, education and research of women/girls with blood disorders in the not-too-distant future.  

How did the WGBD begin? 

FWGBD has been effectively gaining recognition and momentum as a key resource for providing education, guidance, and expertise to physicians and other healthcare providers in the care of women and girls with blood disorders. In August-September of 2013, the Foundation was contacted by Oregon Health and Science University’s (OHSU) Hemophilia/Thrombosis Treatment Center and asked to assist in creating a designated young women’s clinic. The Center staff had been seeing an increasing number of young women with heavy menstrual bleeding within their regular hemophilia/thrombosis clinic; now they wanted a designated clinic day for young women. They wanted to ensure that these young women received the proper diagnosis and treatment needed to manage their bleeding or blood disorder effectively. 

At the FWGBD Board-Staff Retreat in September 2013, in our discussion of effective, proven strategies, for learning exchange and outcome-oriented projects, it was noted that a key factor in closing the gap between best practice and common practice is the ability of healthcare providers and their organizations to rapidly spread innovations, share effective strategies, treatments and established tools. We identified the Learning Action Network (LAN) as the mechanism we would use to assist OHSU’s Center staff in the establishment and implementation of a quality clinic, hence our Foundation launched the Women and Girls Blood Disorder (WGBD) LAN.

How does the WGBD LAN Operate? 

A Learning Action Network (LAN) is a network that brings together healthcare professionals around a specific agenda in order to harness the power of collaboration, spread practical implementation of best practices, and connect participants to national intuitive actives and resources. Typical LAN models include collaborative projects, online interactions, as well as peer-to-peer education to facilitate learning. 

What does the WGBD LAN Offer? 

  • Clinic calls
  • On-site meetings
  • Articles
  • Tools/Checklists
  • Partnerships
  • News 

How Can My Clinic Become a Member of the WGBD LAN? 

When a clinic (organization) becomes a member of the WGBD LAN, it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to making sure that women and girls with bleeding and other blood disorders are properly diagnosed, and optimally treated and managed throughout their lives. Participation in the WGBD LAN begins with an organization contacting FWGBD to discuss its current status, and discuss opportunities for potential enhancements.

Then, the organization and the WGBD LAN – through a series of web-based calls and activities – work together to enhance the services offered by the organization for female patients with bleeding and other blood disorders, as well as identify the critical elements to be implemented by the organization to be sure that the needs of these females are adequately met.

To receive more information about the WGBD LAN and how to become a member, please e-mail Kerry Funkhouser, Executive Director.