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Management of hereditary antithrombin deficiency in pregnancy

| James AH, Bates SM, Bauer KA, Branch W, Mann K, Paidas M, Silverman N, Konkle BA

Guidance for the treatment and prevention of obstetric-associated venous thromboembolism

| Bates SM, Middeldorp S, Rodger M, James AH, Greer I.

Neonatal Hemostatic Disorders: Issues and Challenges

| Hanmod S, Jesudas R, Kulkarni R, and Chitlur M

Haemophilia A carriers demonstrate pathological and radiological evidence of structural joint changes.

| Gilbert L, Rollins L, Hilmes M, Luo Y, Gailani D, Debaun MR and Sidonio RF.

Ask the Hematologist [online].

| DiMichele D.

Ask the Hematologist [online]

| Konkle BA.

Hemostasis and Thrombosis in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2011.

| Paidas M, Hossain N, Shamsi TS, et al.