The Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders seeks to ensure that all women and girls with blood disorders are correctly diagnosed and optimally treated and managed at every life stage. We achieve this through: 

  • Educating key healthcare providers for each life stage, including hematologists, pediatricians, family practice, emergency medicine, ob/gyn, geriatricians, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, social workers and genetic counselors
  • Translating/disseminating provider information and research

This past year alone, the period from December 2015 through December 9, 2016, marked a number of achievements, including the launch of the first Directory of services and clinics for Women and Girls with Blood Disorders. During this program year, the Foundation: 

  • Conducted Symposia, Workshops, Presentations, Posters at 4 major medical or interdisciplinary meetings
  • Developed and granted the first FWGBD research award: Promoting XXcellence in Women’s Health: Optimal Management of Women and Girls with Blood Disorders
  • Developed and webcast 8th live Webinar and developed the 9th (for Feb 2017);
  • Launched the first Directory of Services for Women and Girls with Blood Disorders throughout the federally funded hemophilia/thrombosis treatment center network,
  • published online April 2016
  • Completed and submitted an FWGBD state-of-the-science paper on the recognition and management of Antithrombin Deficiency During Pregnancy
  • Expanded WGBD Learning Action Network (LAN) to 55 members from 37 last December (49% increase in one year)
  • Convened second FWGBD meeting of 33 LAN members at Nationwide Children’s/Ohio State University for in vivo experience of a Clinic of Excellence for Young Women with Blood Disorders; for education and the exchange of best practices; to hone the model of a clinic or services of excellence for women and girls with blood disorders; and to advance collective LAN research agenda
  • Presented FWGBD work and strategies to NHF female patients at Annual Meeting and to HFA’s women members at their Annual Symposium and through a Webinar
  • Continued upgrading our Web site,, including adding WGBD LAN section; and designing, launching the WGBD Directory

Our medical programs have educated over 800 hematologists and OB/GYNS alone. And, our attendees come highly motivated to participate in our educational programs and look forward to our presentations, viewing them as a valuable and worthwhile educational experience.

If you have ever attended one of our webinars or education symposia, you already know the quality and expertise our educational sessions deliver. Don’t miss an opportunity to enhance your knowledge about women's blood disorders - join our mailing list today