Ann-Marie Nazzaro, PhDExecutive Director, has more than 25 years experience in the non-profit sector, including serving as Executive Director of a regional non-profit focused on the health of women and senior citizens, and as VP for Education at the National Hemophilia Foundation, where she inaugurated and developed the first awareness campaign for VWD in women. 

Kerry B. Funkhouser, EdD, Director of Education, has 20 years of experience in developing, writing, and implementing health promotion and disease prevention programs for children and adults. Recently, Kerry held the position of Visiting Professor for the School of Public Health at Reykjavik University in Iceland. Prior to joining FWGBD, Kerry was the Director of Education and a project manager for MDReview, an external medical peer review company.   

Virginia Schulze, Operations Manager, brings to the position her accounting experience and her experience working with several non-profits. 

Elizabeth Kearns, Executive Administrative Assistant